Annie’s Fun-Filled Bat Mitzvah

I have been looking forward to Annie’s bat mitzvah for a long time. From the moment mom Lacey contacted me, I knew we were going to have fun and make awesome photos! 

First up, I did a pre-session for decor photos and since we had time, we did some family photos too! They loved them so much that they also used them for their holiday card!

At the temple, I arrived early to scope out the space. Even though I have photographed there many times, I can’t assume everything will be as it was the last time I was there. 

I asked Annie’s immediate family to come first and followed by her extended family about 25-30 mins later. 

I ask this because it keeps things simple by not having people wait around for their turn and it keeps the family photos low stress. By the time we’re done with the immediate family on the bimah, it’s time for the grandparents, aunts and cousins. Once done with them, I took Annie into a corridor with great light for some fun photos and then had the family join her since we had time.

Then it was on to the party that evening!

The party was at The Olde Mill Inn in Basking Ridge, NJ and Lisa Iver Events turned their ballroom into a bright and colorful part space with Jersey Street Productions. Both Lisa and Jersey Street worked their magic to make the room perfect for Annie and her friends and family! Every bit of the room echoed Annie’s personality!

And Total Entertainment kept the party going! And going and going!

It was epic! Lots of color! Lots of action! Seriously, everyone was having a fab time celebrating Annie! 

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