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Connection & Experience

Connection & Experience


There's more to photography than style, services, and price.

A personal connection helps you feel comfortable and trust your photographer. And my experience will lead to results that exceed your expectations.

So you not only get beautiful photos, but have fond memories looking back on your special day.


Moments others might think are ordinary, like your mom wiping away tears as she looks at you lovingly from across the room.

The photographs that end up being your favorite.

I also know when it's important to put the camera down because there are some moments that don't need to be photographed, just truly experienced.

After 15+ years of professionally photographing celebrations, I know how to anticipate unexpected moments.


"Joy Yagid has been a critical part of our family mitzvahs. Not only are her pictures spectacular, but she remains unruffled in the most chaotic of situations"


"She communicated confidence in her work and her “all is good” approach, made the experience even enjoyable"


"We absolutely love having our family photo shoots with Joy every year.... Joy is both extra-mile friendly and is so, so good at what she does. She is our go-to for capturing any moment."


"I am so thrilled to have met you and worked with you on such a special day for my family."


"The pictures are amazing. I am working on choosing my favorites. It is hard to choose as they are all amazing!"


"Thank you for capturing it for us!! Each time I look through the pictures, I find new ones that make me smile!"


"We LOVE the pictures, there are so many beautiful candid shots, especially of our friends having a great time. These are perfect, thanks so much. We appreciate how you were everywhere but also I forgot you were there too!"

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Prior to photography, I was an account and television production manager. The best way to describe it is, I was sort of like an air traffic controller. I quickly learned how to manage different personalities with competing priorities, all while staying calm in stressful situations. How to handle difficult situations effortlessly and keep timing on track.
Today, I use those same skills when photographing your event. So you can trust that I possess the skills and personality to ensure you and your guests have the best time - and incredible pictures to prove it.

A Calm and Collected Presence



​​​Generations after your event takes place, people are going to look at these images. And I get to be the witness of that. I’m the person that will help you remember what happened, because with how swiftly the day moves, you're likely not going to. So capturing your story authentically and the elements that are most meaningful to you is my top priority.

Which is why, from the beginning, I'll work to establish your trust. I'll listen, ensure you feel heard, and treat you with the respect you deserve.

So that by the time your celebration arrives you'll feel comfortable and natural. I'll blend in with your loved ones. And you'll have photographs that truly reflect you, to pass down to your future generations.

You may not realize it yet, but these photos are going to be memories passed on to people you haven't met yet.


"During the celebration we did not even see her take the photos, but every moment - the big and the small were captured"


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"Joy was such a joy to work with, her name suits her well"

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"Joy is an absolute pleasure to work with and her photographs are just stunning! We've been so fortunate to have her photograph multiple family occasions over the past 8 years and she has become a part of the family during that time." 


Capture your event with Joy.



"Joy was a delight. From the minute we met her we knew she could be trusted with the monumental task of capturing a once-in-a-lifetime day."