At Last…

True love always prevails. Even when COVID postpones it!

The bride and groom were finally able to have the wedding of their dreams…during a hurricane and it was awesome!

This was one of the most joyous celebrations I have ever witnessed. Multiple reschedules and Hurricane Ian showing up couldn’t stop their love from becoming official! While Hurricane Ian dampened plans for an beach wedding, everyone was just happy to be in the room with the amazing couple.

Flowers by Lotus Petals.

The theme was fall meets the seaside with great music and food. People were ready to party and be with friends and family. Flowers by Lotus Petals.

I look for unguarded moments. The bride and her daughter. It’s these that mean the most. Ones where they are completely in the moment. As we all should be on such occasions. That’s why I’m here. I’m here so you can fully in the moment and enjoy your day.

The room where everything was taking place was the top floor of a restaurant – round with 360 views in Asbury Park NJ. Stunning location, even in a hurricane. The place was perfect for the couple and their guests. Everyone had a great seat for the ceremony.

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